Kingston Roundhouse and Service Facilities

Kingston is the heart of the Empire Valley Railroad System. It is the location of the main offices, freight car shops and locomotive servicing facilities.

Since the construction of the current layout, this area has been under some sort of development. Initially a Diamond Scale Turntable was planned to be used, but none were long enough. A custom turntable pit and a scracthbuild turntable bridge were painstakingly constructed. However no matter how hard we tried, they just did not work reliably. With the introduction of the new Walthers 120' Turntable, the reliability issue had been resolved but after long hard thought, there will be no turntable at this location. The area will be home to car shops and a locomotive service building.
Adjacent to the Kingston Diesel Engine Facility is the Empire Valley Grain Terminal.

Spring 2015 update:

December 2014 Update:

January 2013 Update:


November 2011 Update:

February 2009 update:

The mainline coaling tower is going in:

And Lamont has worked on tge platform shelters:

Previous updates:

Dennis brought down the new engine service building:

and the new locomotive shop building:

Older photos:


Here is the mainline coaling tower (Walthers Kit) and a portion of an earlier diesel shop


Another view, with the steam and diesel servicing tracks in the background (Diamond Scale servicing platforms anda Tichy coaling tower)

The diesel servicing tracks.

More updates and photos as work progresses..................