Here's a few photos of the people who help make the Empire Valley What it is.

Dennis is a current officer and our roundhouse re-construction foreman.

Lamont is a former officer, our main passenger train aficionado and heads the Kingston Station building project. (I'll get a better photo another day)

Alex is an officer and keeper of the DCC records. (sorry for the soft focus)

Fintan is a structure builder and scenery master.

John B is an Officer and another scenery and ballast guy.

Dan is a current officer, the builder of the Auto Plant, now turned track layer and ballaster.

He paid for this image posting.

Sherman is our resident small motive power guy.  (Smallest engine he's got is a Challenger)

This is the first time we've seen George with an HO locomotive. Don't push it Goerge, use a throttle.

Here's Mike. Works well in the smaller gauges, but plays with our "big stuff" for kicks.

Jim is learning where all those wire go. Good luck Jim!

Robert is still very enthusiastic. 

Here's Ed at the EBT:

Andre is our newest member, welcome aboard!

Bill is a former officer and has not been down to the Club is quite some time. We welcome missing members back anytime. We hope to see more of you Bill.

And this is John M a former officer & the one who helps keep these Web pages updated with photos and other things