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New York Harbor Area

The Empire Valley serves the New York Harbor Area using its own Railroad Navy.  Carfloats, Tugs and Lighters ply the Harbor bringing freight beyond the limits of where the rails meet the water.
October 2011 Update:
Work has stalled of late, but there is now a sheet pile bulkhead being installed along the harbor front!
View at the pier crane:

At the pier station (still need mooring posts and cleats installed)

March 2009 Update:
New pier crane is in. mock up of what might become, a lcl cement transfer point.

and another view of the pier crane

February 2009 update:
Things are starting to take shape. Structures have been painted and decaled. More test fitting was done.

Work will begin on the carfloat aprons now that the required parts have been located!

Previous updates:

Mock up of a type of float bridge that might be used:

And another:

Both styles will need overhead support works scratchbuilt.

The Pierside Warehouse is 3/4 of a Walthers building, attached end to end. It will have an interior. The pier is also from Walthers.
These are the latest images. Assembly has begun. The frame structure atop the building was commonly used in NY Harbor to help unload freighters.

Here's photos just after painting:

These images are from early construction