Sherman's Cutoff

The great idea for this short piece of track came from one of the members.

When the layout is operated, most trains leave from a lower level staging yard, traverse the helix, the rest of the layout and re-enter the helix, returning to the staging yard. There is a by-pass in the staging yard area that allows the train to avoid the staging yards and continue around the layout. However the helix must be traversed and a train can be out of sight for quite some time.

The idea for the cutoff, called Sherman's Cutoff (after the idea's creator) avoids having to go through the helix and the lower staging yards all together.

In addition it might lead to two additional operation "scenarios" when the layout is operated in a prototype fasion.

As of May 2008, the track is in, switches are wired and trains are using the cuttoff!

A Statue of the man who inspired this trackwork is now in!

As of April 20, 2007 the roadbed was getting put in and the new switch for the upper level is on site:

As of February 16, 2007, the bench work was in (for the most part) and a track switch has been cut into the lower level. Roadbed and track will be installed in the coming weeks.